Virtual Production Unreal & Real Time VFX  are innovative verticals growing in popularity in all industry segments. As such, they receive great attention. Seen as the future of setviz and previz production, different RT VFX / VP efforts are slowly introduced into the market, some more complex than others. these projects require specialised skills and team effort to bring into real life.

In this unique project we were asked to create five, highly complex UE4 game level scenes for real time virtual production TV promos.

Loaded with objects, materials and animations these scenes effectively act as the visual core of the promo, alongside the talents of course. As brief we were given – a hand drawing reference, the number (song) and director’s script. it set to be gamy, futuristic and neonic. Pipeline included –

  • Modelling all scenes from hand drawings, no measurements given.
  • Moving all from 3dsmax to UE for final design and game level RT production.
  • Working with the song and script in the engine to produce the complex animations.

The main challenge was maintaining 100fps while all these massive objects, lights & animations are dancing to the bit. take a look below its pretty awesome !

pestigal production, zero density-reality engine, סולן הפקות יוכלמן-אשר הפקות

Scene E - Drawing Reference

Virtual Production | Virtual Environments & Setviz | Line Creative

Scene E - Scene in UE4 (+integrated bits of vp)

Scene D - Drawing Reference

Virtual Production | Virtual Camera & Setviz | Line Creative

Scene D - Scene in UE4 (+integrated bits of vp)

Scene A - Drawing Reference

Scene A - Scene in UE4 (+integrated bits of vp)

Scene B - Drawing Reference

Scene B - Scene in UE4 (+integrated bits of vp)

Scene C - Drawing Reference

Scene C - Scene in UE4 (+integrated bits of vp)

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