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Achieving marketing quality premium product rendering cgi has traditionally been exclusive to high profile CGI studios.

Recent years tech developments and moving to real time rendering, presents new opportunities and more democratised options for clients. With Line Creative’s UE5 based Studio Editor clients can now create UNLIMITED and CONFIGURATED 3D rendering cgi content in quality and bespoke 4K , incl animation and stills marketing material – all in house.

Post initial project set up and creation, the studio editor allows clients to self create and self publish printed, still and animated quality 3D content. It offers Unlimited and Configurated content production abilities for clients, saving significant time and budget resources.

In a content-explosive business world, the ability to control, produce and publish bespoke and quality 3D marketing content in house is remarkable. Working together we will identify key requirements for each different end user, so the studio editor content set up utilises optimal solutions for the product marketing needs while improving clients potential market reach.

Case Study


Motiva is philosophical art, a patented concept that blends the worlds of art & technology to create a captivating display of inspiring quotes.

Motiva’s algorithm visually compresses these quotes, tightly fitting them into a unique grid of letters. The quotes remain hidden within the grid, waiting for the right moment to reveal themselves. Each grid of letters is matched with striking imagery, printed on fine-art paper and harnessed in a wooden frame. As translucent light penetrates the paper, it illuminates letters that emerge from the grid and slowly form words and phrases. The result is a new type of artwork, a new form of expression for artists, writers and thought leaders.

Among Motiva Creators are Warren Buffett, Nobel Prize Winner Aaron Ciechanover, Noma Bar, Malika Favre, Dan Ariely and more. More about MOTIVA

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