Studio, Project & Client Care

Omer has over twenty five years of cross-industry experience, from aviation to health and design.

His passion for both operations and people is great and he is only satisfied once everything comes together nicely.

Outside work Omer spends his time swimming and socialising, and he is a self-appointed amateur philosopher.

Eylon Sherf


Founder/Director & Creative Head

Architect by training, head of design and front-end dev.

Eylon is constantly busy looking at new tools and technologies to improve the visualisation experience for clients, whether real time, motion, effects or still.

Eylon is excited by lines, color, space and movement, but off work he is also a keen wind surfer and a retired DJ.

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Director, Architectural Design 

Galia’s journey started with her architecture studies in the UK.

Her elegant and compassionate style manifests visually from the architectural visualisation and design input. Galia attends the human factor as vital part of any space and structure.

In her free time Galia is passionate about photography, yoga and her children.

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Head of VR

A product designer and engineer, Uri loves new technology and finding ways to integrate it into everyday life.

Focused on keeping up with the ever changing trends in the VR world, making sure we are at the forefront of our field.

Naturally, Uri is a AAA gamer. often found testing an app presentation while winning something on the side.


New Products R&D

Dr Gal has over 25 years of experience as an academic and a researcher in different capacities of the social psychology field.

She is an expert on interpersonal and intergroup relations, organizational challenges and conflicts.

With the years of practice and consultancy in the private sector, Dr Gal developed keen interest in new technologies and VR in particular, due to its capacity to completely transform individual and group learning, training, relations and performance. 


Technical Artist Unreal Team  

Yuval is the latest (and most handsome!) talent to join the studio team.

He is an experienced 3D artist visualiser with core focus on real time rendering using UE4. Yuval has been running a successful tutorial platform for all-things-unreal for archviz artists.

Yuval’s pleasant and reassuring manner aids successful project execution even when everything looks like its about to go south. a real team lead gem.

Although mostly in front of the screen Yuval is a keen fitness practitioner with particular fancy for water sports.

Shay Bonder


Lead Virtual Production & VFX

Shay has nearly 30 years hands on experience on all things visual.

Focused on both film/tv, media effects and live events/broadcast, Shay brings valuable 360 knowledge of the complete production cycle.

Innovative in essence, Shay is acting CTO and was the lead video and stage director for the last 2019 Eurovision broadcast with nearly 200m live viewers.

At the studio Shay focuses primarily on our Virtual Production vector, constantly challenging, reinventing and pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved.


Lead Code & Programming 

Pranav is a talented and creative software engineer with passion towards visual interactive technologies.

He is always curious in making new solutions which can transform  people’s experience.

In the realm of RT/VR and AR Pranav has experience in making products for training, architecture, education and entertainment.

When not at work, he likes to dwell into photography, writing and nature.

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