Line Creative is an Award-winning CGI studio in London focused on 3D rendering animation , stills and real time rendering, as well as VP VR & AR. Our clients range from developers and architects/designers, to film and media companies, creative and advertising agencies. Some of our named clients are Zaha Hadid Architects and Epic Games.

We use disruptive CGI technology with creative flair to produce stunning visual campaigns that bring our clients designs, narrative, products and ideas into real visual life. Our core focus is on motion, real time and virtual experiences that help our clients communicate their story, brand and innovations to various stakeholder audiences.

As a boutique studio Line Creative’s production is based on a selective group of talented CG artists and a number of tech and code orientated visualisers. We like to think our frames look and feel different. Our scene creation process focuses strongly on light and colour pallet composition with great attention to detail resulting in realistic, dramatic frames.

See more here and here.

Why we do this ? Because CGI is art, and art is hope.


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