Full Package Archviz Configurator

Below is a video presentation sample but for best experience download the game. As you can see, you get one online game platform Configurator where you keep all project viz products, done with latest technology, for your stakeholders to watch, experience and play live in the space :

  • Still CGI’s
  • Cinematic Clip (motion)
  • Recorded Walkthrough
  • Live interactive walkthrough (Game) – PC + Virtual Reality options
  • Architecture Plans
Its a fantastic way of exploring and presenting a space that doesn’t yet exist. this is our style, quality and capabilities.
There are only a handful of CGI studios offering this quality platform in the world, we’re one of them.

Virtual Realty (VR)

VR places the user inside the experienced space.

Instead of viewing a screen in front of them, users are immersed and able to interact in a 3D fashion.

In VR you get the same features as in interactive walk through, the difference being the way in which the user interface reacts and the way the user moves in the 3D scene

VR users always wear virtual reality glasses (Headset)

You’re welcomed to visit our London studio for a fully interactive and pretty awesome demonstration of the latest HTC, VIVE and VR systems.

Drop us a line at info@line-creative.uk and we’ll make a date!

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