“The Home of Music” / Architectural Installation

This is an exciting collaborative project, resulting from over a decade of research lead by Moshe Katz Architect into the relationship between space, sound (music) and structure.

From the architect – “This Video is  a part of a Creative/ Architectural research, seeking to discover the DNA of a “Home”- the primary components which stand in the core of our life’s question- what is a home? I chose to do it based on a unique musical masterpiece, that contains all those aspects. A Music which craves to find a physical, architectural space in the world- a place of its own as a result of its motion. This music wants to build a home for itself! I only want to help her fulfill that dream…” / Moshe Katz Architect

The aim of the CG work is to visualise the complete installation in context (archziz & setviz), and show how the musical piece, recorded live by the international multi-platinum artist David Broza, influences the movement of the textiles sails and creates dynamic geometric structure (pitchviz).

Cinematic sequencer (animation)

Recorded real time (game) experience

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