This is a fantastic all round visual tech product , allowing clients of different positions (developers/architects/agencies/local authorities) to offer 3D AR and VR representations and experiences of their prospective developments.

Made for PC mobile tablet or any touch screen, this is a fascinating and very engaging visual tool. the ability to quickly produce this experience and the pre-set standards for new technologies makes it super popular with clients.

Case Study

Full external live interactive 3D model, AR / VR ready of a proposed planning app. Feel free to try on all devices/platforms and if you have any VR headset you can walk around it.

Interior Architecture Interactive Virtual 3D Floor Plan

Same principle as above but for interior.

Made for PC, mobile, tablet or any touch screen. With ready pre-sets and easy, friendly navigation for every room, you are able to let your prospective stakeholders explore and experience the interior architecture space in a very engaging , insightful and compelling fashion.

The user can also interactively change different elements in the space.

Augmented Reality (AR) Floor Plan

The basic idea of augmented reality is to superimpose graphics, audio and other sensory enhancements over a real-world environment in real time

Customers can view their home configurations in augmented reality using their smartphones or tablets.

Using AR brings about a better, more holistic appreciation of the different layouts available so that customers are more informed when shopping for their new homes, and feel more confident to decide on the purchase.

  1. Print the 2D plan below
  2. Open  ENTiTi app (get it from google play or apple store)
  3. Press SCAN and scan the 2D plan
  4. Press the ARROW symbol
  5. Press the PLAY symbol to watch the 3D model
  1. 2d plan FInal

AR Mode Demo (External 3D model)


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