Instant Live Interactive 3D Floor Plans Model & Virtual Tour Using Simple 2D PDF/Image

A new and disruptive software service which lets any client, anywhere in the world, automatically and almost instantly convert 2D floor plans from a standard PDF image into a 3D real time virtual tour and model (internal).

It works in three simple stages 

1. Create a FREE account in 20 sec.
2. Upload your floor plans.
3. In 24H you’re all set to walk through your 3D live interactive virtual tour floor plan.

This technology has the potential to completely change the way floor plans are communicated at different stakeholder levels, offering a fast, easy, effective and exciting way to experience interior architecture. The service is licence based, paid monthly according to the no of plans submitted. It offers a real game changer for estate agents, developers, sales teams, architects, councils etc’, allowing them to offer their costumers a truly fantastic , instant and affordable way to experience their virtual interior space.


  • Vizit allows you to instantly transform almost any 2D floor plan into an amazing 3D live experience for your clients.
  • No need to worry about modification or scale, our platform covers it all.
  • Learn about your prospective buyers – the software’s analytic data provides valuable info that maximises client engagement, making it way more effective.
  • The best money value in the market for fast, affordable interior floor plans virtual tours and models.
  • Available on every platform – including mobile, tablet, PC and VR.


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